Mobile Branch Offices

As the need for Mobile IT becomes more pervasive, organizations are moving away from ad hoc “remote access” to a systematic implementation of vehicles as mobile branch offices. As they begin to make this shift, they realize that no one wireless technology will be able to serve all their needs, that the ability to connect a wide variety of in vehicle devices is key, and that as with any connected branch office the need to establish and enforce security for mobile branch offices is paramount. The challenge is to have the right technology elements to meet these needs in a robust, reliable, easy to use and above all mobile environment.

Mobile Broadband

Our in-vehicle communications platform – the onBoard Mobile Gateway, enables workers to communicate securely and seamlessly while “in motion”. Our solutions are optimized for mobile broadband environments where IT departments must deal with an increasingly vast array of “portable” IP centric devices that need a local area network to be useful. The onBoard Mobile Gateway supports connectivity through a variety of technologies including Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n), Bluetooth, Serial (including SLIP and PPP), Ethernet and USB.

As the number of device grows, so does the variety of available wireless infrastructures. The onBoard Mobile Gateway is optimized to support all types of mobile broadband connectivity including 1xRTT, EVDO, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA and HSPA+, and WiMAX and LTE and new cellular standards as they emerge. But cellular broadband is not always the only or the best mobile broadband option, so the Gateway has been designed to support other wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz, 802.11 a/b/g/n, 700MHz and 4.9 GHz for public safety) as well as other proprietary wireless technologies.

At the heart of any mobile solution is the need for accurate location-based data, and to this end, the onBoard Mobile Gateway has built-in GPS functionality to ensure pin-point accuracy and can provide the data in a number of industry standard formats including TAIP and NMEA.

Mobile Wireless Hotspot Creates the “Vehicle Area Network”

A branch office requires a Local Area Network to pull together all the elements a remotely connected vehicle requires. In Motion Technology’s onBoard Mobile Gateway creates a Vehicle Area Network (VAN) – a managed secure networked environment in and around the vehicle. This vehicle area network enables all the devices to communicate, either directly connected or through wireless protocols

More than a Mobile Router

The oMG is more than a mobile router; it is a mobile communications platform that brings together wireless Local Area Network direct connections and wireless Wide Area Network technologies, to create a truly mobile service platform with the ultimate in high-performance location-independent mobility.  The oMG is also an edge server computing platform, capable of hosting applications.

Seamless Wireless Network Switching

But what if the connection to the wireless network is weak? What about dead zones? How will critical data be communicated? Can you connect to the best network without disrupting work flow or adding new software or hardware? These are all questions IT managers will have when faced with the task of making the workforce mobile.

In Motion Technology’s addresses these concerns with its patent-pending Cognitive Wireless System which ensures that all devices – wired or wireless – connected to the onBoard Mobile Gateway have assured connections, and seamless connectivity from one network to the next. It continuously monitors for the “best available” network.  This seamless wireless network switching happens without the knowledge or intervention of mobile workers, so it eliminates the need for resetting or rebooting equipment. Because it happens in real time, users don’t need to worry that the system has “spoofed” the connection – the hand-off happens smoothly and immediately, ensuring data is delivered to its destination.

Integrated Security

With the extension of the corporate network to the vehicle, end to end security becomes critically important – few organizations today would consider connecting a branch office to the corporate network without security enabled by Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), firewalls or wireless security. The need for integrated security is no less vital in the mobile domain and in many ways more so. This can add a significant level of complexity. Not so with the onBoard Mobile Gateway. The Gateway’s integrated security functionality includes a stateful firewall, VPN support (including IPSec and SSL) and Wireless Security (WP, WPS, WPA2 and PEAP for example). Security is optimized to be easy to implement and manage, eliminating the need for complex and hard to manage security software on laptops and PDAs. In addition, security is now possible for devices that are incapable of supporting security software natively.

These core technologies combined with In Motion’s management technologies and applications delivered via the onBoard Mobility Manager and Mobility Agents provide unparalleled flexibility, reliability, security and management in a very complex and dynamic domain.

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