oMG: In-Vehicle Router

In Motion Technology’s flagship product – the onBoard Mobile Gateway – delivers high performance, high security, wireless broadband networking for mobile applications by turning vehicles into communications hotspots. The Gateway extends the enterprise network to the fleet, including security layers to ensure the reliable flow of information to and from any device or application.

Investment Protection

Any Device, Any Application, Any Network – When business processes change and networks are updated, adapting to the new environment is as simple as adding a network card or enabling a device or application.

Business Efficiency

Simple, Reliable and Secure – The Gateway is easy to use and reliable, so mobile teams can focus on their tasks. Information is sent and received as if they were sitting at headquarters. Built-in security ensures all communications are safe and conform to corporate policy.

Cost Effective

The Right Network for the Right Application – The onBoard Mobile Gateway is a platform that consolidates your mobile data communications traffic, and thereby reduces overall communications costs. In addition, the ability to select both tariffed and untariffed networks based on application and availability ensures maximum connectivity at the lowest cost.

Top 10 Reasons to deploy the onBoard System

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