oCM: Security

Multi-Network Security

The onBoard Connection Manager is a mobile-optimized VPN server, providing secure IP mobility and sub-second switching in a multi-network environment. Designed to work with the onBoard Mobile Gateway and onBoard Mobility Manager, the onBoard Connection Manager provides security for all your connected devices and applications in the Vehicle Area Network. In addition, the onBoard Connection Manager secures all the wireless wide-area network links and with MOBIKE, is able to switch tunnels and connections in less than one second.

Fast Switching

The use of multiple wireless networks highlights the need for a new approach to security. An in-vehicle communications device must be aware of the network environment and know when to switch. The onBoard Mobile Gateway constantly monitors all networks to determine if connections can be made and if data can be successfully transmitted. It then applies a wide range of user-defined policies to determine which network can be used and immediately switches the traffic.

Simplify Deployments

The onBoard Connection Manager works with both the onBoard Mobile Gateway and onBoard Mobility Manager and simplifies deployment of mobile communications across your fleet. Once installed in the DMZ, the mobile environment can be set up independently. The onBoard Mobile Gateway with its client VPN software secures all “vehicle area network” traffic in and around the vehicle. The onBoard Connection Manager handles security of the multiple wide-area wireless network links.

Cost Effective

onBoard Connection Manager consolidates mobile security onto a single platform and provides end-to-end security for your mobile workforce. Since security is provided in both the LAN and WAN environments, and licensing is per onBoard Mobile Gateway (or vehicle), onBoard Connection Manager is a cost effective security solution. As new applications and devices are deployed, there are no additional costs, and the IT department savings are significant, reducing the need for reconfiguration and maintenance.

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