Mobile Vehicle Area Networks

Work is no longer something that is exclusively done in an office.  Today, organizations increasingly rely on mobile workers that need access to the same tools available at the office – databases, file systems, interactive communications and collaboration applications.  These tools need to be accessible anytime, anywhere – even for workers, in vehicles, on the move and at remote or temporary work sites.  And with large mobile workforces, organizations can better manage operations by knowing the location and status of their mobile assets.  The wireless networking industry has responded to this changing environment with a wide array of devices and connectivity solutions and has focused on packing more and more functionality into each client device.  While this approach delivers some astounding gadgets, it does not address the needs of the IT organization, which needs functional, efficient and manageable solutions.
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Managing Mobility: Asset Management for Public Safety

Public safety vehicles are full of valuable assets – first and foremost the police officers, fire fighters and paramedics charged with saving lives and protecting property.  Many systems exist in the market to track assets in vehicles, improving operational efficiency and providing audit trails for tracing lost or stolen property.  However, the public safety environment is more demanding than the commercial one, because the assets have tactical value, which makes information about them not only time-critical but life-critical.  It is not acceptable to find out that an ambulance left for a shift without its defibrillator when the paramedic needs to treat a heart attack victim.  Knowing where and when a police officer left his patrol car and whether or not he took his assault rifle with him is not enough.  You need to know it NOW so that backup support can be dispatched even if the officer is prevented from calling in on his voice radio.
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Migrating Mobile Communications to LTE

The ever changing work environment includes mobile workers who need access to the same tools as their counterparts in the office. These tools need to be accessible anytime, anywhere over any network. This mobile environment is poised for another sea change – the move to 4G cellular services including LTE. While the promise of LTE is increased performance and throughput, the move will not be immediate, easy or ubiquitous. The challenge for most organizations will be “How do I choose a solution that meets my needs today, which with minimal investment and interruption of operations can adapt to new networks as they become available?” These new networks will each come with their own benefits and challenges.
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