In Motion Technology turns utility vehicles into mobile hotspots, enabling laptops, PDAs and other devices in and around the vehicle to connect seamlessly. By connecting your mobile workforce to your enterprise network, you can enhance productivity, reduce costs, increase cash flow and improve operations across the organization.

Dispatch and navigation information can be sent to crews in the field who are then able to access work orders, scheduling systems, send emails and look up information, enabling utility vehicles to become mobile branch offices. Dispatchers can track vehicles and ensure quick responses to customer and operational requirements. This creates opportunities for business process improvement in:

Customer Service

Extend the corporate environment (applications, systems, security) to integrate navigation, dispatch, AVL, human resources, business intelligence, telemetry, CRM and other enterprise applications. Manage customer interactions as they happen.

Fleet Management

Track vehicle utilization, optimize fuel usage and reduce maintenance costs. Remotely monitor vehicle operations and diagnostics to improve efficiency and prevent breakdowns.


Troubleshoot on-board systems and devices without taking trucks off the road. Gain visibility into operational and connectivity status of vehicle communications systems and connected devices. Manage communications security at the infrastructure level, not the laptop or tablet.

Inventory Management

Track inventory and remote or mobile assets (e.g. trailers, generators) using RFID and Wi-Fi tags. Ensure personnel safety with tags equipped with panic buttons.

Human Resources

Perform driver identification, monitor driving behavior and capture unauthorized usage. Stream live video from the field for training and personnel safety.


Use multiple wide area networks to improve connectivity. Manage communications at the network layer, not at the end device. Reduce communications costs by consolidating wireless network accounts and enabling VoIP across the fleet.

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