Fire Departments

Firefighters need rapid, accurate information, and the ability to collaborate with fellow firefighters, dispatchers and other agencies, en route and on scene. They need communications solutions that are simple to use, easy to deploy, cost effective and completely reliable.

For Fire Departments, In Motion Technology improves intra- and inter-agency communications and reduces costs

Provide Reliable Communications

The Gateway senses and selects the best available wireless network – and seamlessly switches networks – to provide the reliable, mobile communications demanded by fire departments. The Gateway creates a mobile hotspot, enabling a variety of devices in or around the vehicle to connect seamlessly.

Reduce Operating Costs with “Future-Proof” Technology Options

By allowing multiple data devices in a vehicle or at an incident scene to share a single network connection, the Gateway can reduce communications costs. Using just two in-vehicle devices to transmit data over a Gateway can save up to $720 per year in airtime alone. The Gateway can also be programmed to allow time sensitive data to travel over the cellular network, and high-bandwidth — but lower priority — data over less expensive station Wi-Fi networks to reduce airtime costs. Flexible architecture enables easy updates to the latest wireless networks while protecting your investment in onboard devices and applications.

Flexibility to Add New Applications

The onBoard Mobility Manager enables organizations to manage communications, track vehicles, monitor vehicle diagnostics, and remotely troubleshoot onboard devices. The GPS-enabled Gateway is supported with vehicle tracking functionality with current information as well as historical reporting. In addition, by incorporating wireless asset management applications, In Motion solutions can prevent the loss of expensive equipment. These features allow organizations to improve response times and reduce operating costs.

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