“Since first implementing In Motion Technology’s onBoard Mobile Gateway in 2007, our workforce have become more efficient and accountable and are able to provide a higher level of patient care with faster response times.  We are able to better monitor vehicles and dispatch the closest ambulance and have been able to reduce the cost of emergency medical services.”
Tom Tornstrom, Director of Operations
Tri-State Ambulance – La Crosse, Wisconsin

“We looked at other solutions which were more expensive and took hours to configure and implement, and In Motion Technology has proven to be a committed partner in our success.  The onBoard system will help us be more responsive to the needs of our citizens and it will help us improve our productivity across all departments.”
Marc Regier, Information Services Director
City of Newberry, South Carolina

“In an emergency management response, we have been able to convert our incident command center into a mobile hotspot with the onBoard Mobile Gateway, allowing other emergency responders to share a Wi-Fi connection on-scene, as well as providing an invaluable back-up communications for our 911 center.”
Frank Thomason, ENP, Chief of Emergency Services
Rowan County’s Emergency Services – Rowan County, North Carolina

“We needed a communications platform and software solution that would support our latest enhancements and upgrades to dispatch and deployment practices, automated scheduling, and patient care reporting for the entire health care system.  In Motion Technology and Bradshaw Consulting Services are providing us with the tools we needed to support our mobile healthcare technology to benefit the citizens of Sedgwick County.”
Scott Hadley, EMS Director
Sedgwick County Emergency Medical Service – Wichita, Kansas
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“With In Motion Technology’s onBoard™ system we are able to decrease door-to- balloon times and enable the ERs to be better prepared for patient arrivals.  Knowing seconds count, we are committed to providing the best care we can for our patients and reducing time critical diagnosis.”
John Scullin, Chief
North Jefferson County Ambulance District – High Ridge, Missouri



“With our partners, GTRI and In Motion Technology, we will be able to provide the Georgia state-wide AVLS to better coordinate response actions in crisis situations.  The network communications platform is an essential component of Georgia’s trauma system regionalization and will produce the highest possible value for Georgians’ investment in trauma care.”
Dennis W. Ashley, MD, FACS, FCCM, Chair
Georgia Trauma Care Network Commission (GTCNC) – Georgia
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“We needed a hardware system for our public safety vehicles that had the ability to expand to new technologies, condense the number of modems and provide the highest bandwidth connection for our applications and devices.  In Motion Technology is providing a versatile and powerful device that can serve our current and future mobile communications needs.”
JC Ocasio, Network Planning Manager, Information Technology Department
County of El Paso, Texas

“The In Motion Technology solution integrated quickly and easily into MTA’s operations, and now serves our current bus applications transparently. The Gateway is already allowing the MTA fleet to keep up with the latest wireless technologies and will reduce the cost and complexity of our future bus operations systems projects.”
Vern Hartsock, Deputy Director
Maryland Transit Administration’s Office of Engineering – Baltimore, Maryland

“With In Motion Technology, our crews in the field stay in constant contact with the ER, dispatch, and operations.  Now our crews are more efficient, response times are faster, and patients receive better care.”
Greg Paulson, EMS Operations Manager
Somerset Medical Center – Somerset, New Jersey

“We initially purchased In Motion’s onBoard Mobile Gateway to track vehicles and send patient cardiac information from the field to the emergency room.  Today, we have expanded its use across our fleet and rely on the Gateway to help us manage our vehicles, equipment and medications, as well as our overall administration. It is an indispensible part of our entire emergency operation.”
John Levitow, Director of EMS
Frisbie Memorial Hospital – Rochester, New Hampshire

“In Motion Technology has tremendously improved our communications reliability and up-time.  Now, our medics and the local ER are better able to share lifesaving information, so patients receive the right care faster, and have better outcomes.”
Jerry Slaughter, IT Director
Huntsville Emergency Medical Services – Huntsville, Alabama

“Since deploying In Motion Technology, our ambulances get to the scene up to 15 minutes faster and medics are better able to communicate with local emergency rooms.  For all patients — and heart attack victims, in particular — this can mean the difference between life and death.”
Dean Snook, Lead Paramedic
Saint Clare’s Health System – Boonton Township, New Jersey

“The Gateway is the communications hub of our ambulances… It has vastly improved communications and coordination between our crews, dispatchers, municipalities and local hospitals.”
Joe Merry, Director of Operations and Communications
PROMPT Ambulance – Highland, Indiana

“We found the onBoard Mobile Gateway to be far superior to laptop-based devices… In Motion Technology’s solution integrates seamlessly with our management and dispatch system to track vehicles, while providing high-bandwidth mobile communications over any wireless network. The solution is helping us improve operations and enhance customer service, and provides a platform on which we can deploy new applications.”
Vic Hatridge, Chief Information Officer
Nashville Electric Service – Nashville, Tennessee

“In healthcare, it’s all about timely sharing of information… With In Motion Technology, ER physicians can diagnose and begin treatment before the patient arrives at the hospital. In a rural county like ours where patients must be transported long distances, this technology is helping save lives.”
Craig A. Walker, CEO
Chester Regional Medical Center – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

“Over the years, I have seen four or five network technologies come and go… The Gateway lets us upgrade our communications platform without purchasing new data cards for every device. And because we can consolidate traffic for many devices over a single network connection, our savings in airtime costs is significant.”
Stephen Ralston, Public Safety Systems Administrator
Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue – Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

“In Motion Technology is our single solution for mobile communications, and has served us flawlessly with our entire fleet and across our entire service area.”
Alan Schwalberg, Vice President of Emergency Medical Services
North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System – Great Neck, New York

“We have storage rooms full of technology that became obsolete as soon as wireless networks changed. The onBoard Mobile Gateway connects all of our onboard devices, and allows us to change or add networks in a few minutes with no additional capital cost. With In Motion, we also know we have a supplier that will deliver.”
Pete Sturn, MIS Division Manager
Hall Ambulance – Bakersfield, California

“With In Motion Technology’s onBoard Mobile Gateways in our vehicles, we know the exact location of our ambulances and can stay connected with our crews at all times. This level of connectivity and control has allowed us to reach people in need of emergency care up to 4 minutes faster than we were before deploying the technology… We spent more than a year researching mobile networking solutions, and our homework paid off. The onBoard Mobile Gateway allows us to connect and dispatch our fleet like never before, and the people of Mobile County are safer because of it.”
Tracy Wilson, Communications Manager
Mobile County EMS – Mobile, Alabama

“We looked at other technologies for fleet communications, but none offered the flexibility, security or cost effectiveness of the Gateway. Once our system is fully deployed, passengers will have unprecedented access to service information.”
Dean Erickson, Director of Information Systems
Transfort – Fort Collins, Colorado

“With other solutions, to change wireless carriers, you had to buy new equipment or perform complicated software programming. With In Motion’s onBoard Mobile Gateway, to change or add additional wireless networks, you just change air cards. In Motion’s solution offers the flexibility and adaptability that we demanded.”
Lance Corey, Director
Oceana EMS – Hart, Michigan

“In Motion Technology has enabled us to achieve wireless mobile connectivity greater than 95 percent… It works so seamlessly, our staff doesn’t even know it’s there, but we rely on it for every advanced life-support call.”
Joe Acciavatti, Director of Operations and Communications
MONOC – Neptune, New Jersey


“Before deploying Gateways in our fleet, we had an ambulance go over an embankment on its way to an emergency call in a remote area… It was difficult for us to locate the vehicle, and required us to dispatch several additional units. With In Motion, we are now able to track our vehicles, ensure the safety of our crews, and get to incident scenes quickly.”
Joseph Whitt, EMS Systems Administrator
Cabell County – Huntington, West Virigina

“We have tried other mobile data solutions, but In Motion’s technology and team set it apart. In Motion worked with us to identify a variety of business needs and develop solutions that have improved our operations and the service we provide to our patrons every day. This solution will enable us to improve operations and enhance the passenger experience in many ways.”
Clair Fiet, Chief Technology Officer
Utah Transit Authority – Salt Lake City, Utah

“Our Sheriff’s deputies are already seeing significant improvements in communications in the field. But we are only scratching the surface of how this technology will enable us to deploy the latest law enforcement tools to improve operations and enhance our ability to protect the public.”
Cpl Sean Hampton, Queen Anne’s County Office of the Sheriff
Queen Anne’s County, Maryland
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“Effective policing is all about presence, and In Motion Technology’s products are allowing our officers to do the work they used to do in the office from their vehicles. It provides officers in the field with worry-free communications, and seamless access to crime fighting tools and information.”
Dave Heck, Deputy Chief Information Officer
Tempe Police Department – City of Tempe, Arizona
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“In Motion Technology has dramatically improved our operations and reduced our response times. Previously, emergency communications took up to 2 minutes to be received by units in the field. Today, with In Motion Technology, voice, data and diagnostic quality patient information get through instantaneously.”
Kenny Logan, Director of Electronic Technology
Acadian Ambulance Service – Lafayette, Louisiana
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“We selected In Motion Technology because they were the one mobile solution that could provide reliable, secure wireless communications and the management tools that we needed to coordinate large-scale disaster responses across the region.”
Nick Gragnani, Executive Director
St. Louis Regional Response System (STARRS) – St. Louis, Missouri

“With the Gateway, our crews have information at their fingertips that we could never have imagined just a year ago. And, unlike other solutions that must be replaced as technology changes, the onBoard Mobile Gateway was designed to be easily upgraded. This investment will improve our emergency responses today and into the future. Our upgraded communications – which includes In Motion Technology’s mobile wireless communications solutions — will improve our responses and the service we provide to the residents of the West Metro Fire Protection District.”
Patrick Purdy, Director of Information Technology
West Metro Fire Protection District (WMFPD) – Lakewood, Colorado
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“This will increase our efficiency, reduce costs and, most importantly, improve service to the community. Because we provide primary paramedic ambulance service to communities throughout 3,000 square miles of Western Michigan, it’s important that our crews in the field are able to access information as simply and reliably as if they were in our own Control Center. The onBoard™ Mobile Gateway allows them to do that.”
Kevin Walk, Director of Information Technology
Life EMS – Grand Rapids, Michigan

“We chose In Motion Technology because the Gateway offered better performance than other solutions; it handles multiple devices and can work with any wireless network. The Gateway also enables us to integrate future applications, including video monitoring, driver safety applications and state-of-the-art medical devices, into our operations.”
George O’Neill, IT Manager
Metro Atlanta Ambulance Service – Atlanta, Georgia

“At any time, 60% of our ambulances may be in rural areas. Reliable communications are critical to our operations. That’s why ETMCRHS chose to deploy onBoard Mobile Gateways throughout our entire fleet.”
Phil Collins, IT Manager
East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare System – Tyler, Texas

“Our paramedics are collectively working faster and more efficiently without paper documentation in the field.  Patient records provided to the hospitals are complete and legible, allowing more streamlined allocation of resources and personnel.”
Tim Coolen, V.P. for Business Planning & Technologies
Emergency Medical Care, Inc. – Nova Scotia

“We needed a service that would allow our data to be transmitted reliably over a single network connection. In Motion Technology provided this capability and allowed us to integrate other functions such as dispatch, billing, training and vehicle monitoring and tracking.”
Jim Pennington,Director of Information Technology
Sunstar EMS – Pinellas County, Florida

“The Gateway, working with our other systems, enables our drivers to get out of the station and to the scene faster. It also enables dispatchers to track the location of each vehicle at all times.  This has resulted in more efficient use of our assets, lower fuel consumption, faster response times, and better patient care for the residents of central North Carolina.”
Paula Lineberry,Chief
Piedmont Triad Ambulance and Rescue – High Point, North Carolina

“We needed a technology that would improve our communications today and enable us to transition to the high performance communications networks of the future. The Gateway allows our Paramedics and EMT’s to focus on saving lives rather than operating their communications devices, resulting in improved emergency responses and more effective patient care.”
Larry Wiersch, Executive Director
Cetronia Ambulance Corps – Allentown, Pennsylvania

“We needed a mobile wireless network that would allow our devices to talk to one another in the field and while in transit, and one that would be ready today for future medical communications technologies. Since deploying the onBoard Mobile Gateway, we have seen significant improvements in our response times and operations.”
Matt Zavadsky, Director
Tri-State Ambulance – La Crosse, Wisconsin

“We know In Motion Technology is 100 percent committed to helping us, and this is an important communications and patient care initiative going forward. We are realizing the uses for this technology are almost limitless.”
Major Rodney Overman, Compliance Officer
FCEMS – Winston-Salem, North Carolina

“The very successful implementation of the In Motion onBoard Mobile Gateway and Mobility Manager service in our fleet reflects Medic’s continued commitment to equipping our paramedics and EMT’s to deliver the quality service and excellent pre-hospital care our citizens expect and deserve.”
Barry Bagwell, Assistant Director of Operations
Mecklenburg EMS Agency – Charlotte, North Carolina
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“There is no question that the [operations] improvements we have seen are directly related to the deployment of In Motion’s technology.”
Shane Garrison, VP and COO
Puckett EMS – Powder Springs, Georgia

“We’re just scratching the surface in terms of what this technology can do for us.”
Jerry Overton, Executive Director
Richmond Ambulance Authority – Richmond, Virginia
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