Following is information about grant programs specifically targeted to transit, public safety and EMS agencies. More information about each program can be obtained by visiting the web sites (see links by program).

2013 Homeland Security Grant Programs

Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI)
FY 2013: $664 millio
The UASI program focuses on enhancing regional preparedness – including prevention, protection, response, and recovery — in major metropolitan areas. The highest risk Urban Areas are eligible for funding.
State Homeland Security Program (SHSP)
FY 2013: $415 million
SHSP provides funds to build capabilities at the State and local levels and to implement the goals and objectives included in State homeland security strategies and initiatives in the State Preparedness Report. Eligible entities for SHSP are all 50 States, the District of Columbia, and US Territories.
Operation Stonegarden (OPSG)
FY 2013: $55 million
The OPSG is intended to enhance law enforcement preparedness and operational readiness along the borders of the United States. Eligible recipients include local county governments and federally-recognized tribal governments in the states bordering Canada (including Alaska), Mexico, and states and territories with International water borders.

Other FEMA and Homeland Security Grants for 2013

Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG)
FY 2013: $337.5 million
The AFG provides funding for firefighting and emergency response needs of fire departments and nonaffiliated emergency medical services organizations. Funding can be used for equipment, vehicles, training and other purposes. Fire departments and non-affiliated EMS organizations. The term “non-affiliated” means that the EMS organization cannot be affiliated with a hospital. State agencies are not eligible.
Emergency Management Performance Grants (EMPG)
FY 2013: $350 million
EMPG assists State and local governments in enhancing and sustaining all-hazards emergency management capabilities. State Administrative Agencies or EMA’s must apply for and administer the EMPG funds.
All 50 states, the DC, and Puerto Rico will receive a base amount of 0.75 percent of the total available grant funding. The balance of EMPG funds will be distributed based on population.
Transit Security Grant Program (TSGP)
FY 2013: $119 million
 TSGP provides funds to protect critical surface transportation infrastructure and the traveling public from acts of terrorism.  Awards will be made directly to public transit agencies bus, ferry and rail systems. TSGP eligibility determinedd based on daily unlinked passenger trips (ridership) and transit systems that serve historic UASI jurisdictions. Operational projects prioritized over capital projects.

Department of Justice Grants

Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG)
FY 2013: $352 million
JAG allows states and local governments to support a broad range of activities – including technology enhancements — to prevent and control crime and to improve the criminal justice system. Based on a congressionally allocated minimum allocation, with additional funding based on population and initiatives. Once the state funding is calculated, 60 percent of the allocation is awarded to the state and 40 percent to eligible units of local government.
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