Find out how some of our customers are deploying In Motion Technology’s onBoard System in their fleets.

 Harrison County EMS

“Everything we do, we do with the patient in mind,” said Richard B. Rock, Executive Director of Harrison County EMS. “When we learned about In Motion Technology’s onBoard system, we knew we could make great strides in improving patient care. We have used similar systems before, but they were unreliable or required regular, costly upgrades. With In Motion, we know we are getting the reliability we need to serve a large, rural area while at the same time gaining the flexibility to adopt cutting-edge telemedicine.”

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Hall Ambulance

“With In Motion Technology, managing our operations is paperless, wireless, and highly efficient,” said Pete Sturn, Manager of Hall’s MIS division. “This has reduced our response times, lowered our inventory and administrative costs, and allows us to provide the people of Kern County with world-class service.”

“We have storage rooms full of technology that became obsolete as soon as wireless networks changed,” said Sturn. “The onBoard Mobile Gateway connects all of our onboard devices, and allows us to change or add networks in a few minutes with no additional capital cost. With In Motion, we also know we have a supplier that will deliver.”

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With In Motion Technology, ATS is providing “faster responses, better patient care, and more efficient operations,” said ATS founder and CEO, Andy Schultz. “Today, we provide a level of service that is unmatched by other private operators in our area.”

Utilizing In Motion’s onBoard Mobile Gateway, ATS medics now wirelessly share data with doctors and fleet managers in a way that is improving care, reducing response times and making the service more competitive.

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MONOC, New Jersey’s largest EMS agency, has deployed In Motion Technology’s solutions to change the way they respond to calls and care for patients.


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Cabell County EMS

Cabell County EMS has deployed In Motion Technology’s onBoard Mobile Gateway, which turns each emergency vehicle into a secure, mobile, communications hotspot. During a call, the Gateway allows paramedics to enter medical data onto laptops, which wirelessly and securely upload information. The Gateway also enables precision GPS tracking of each EMS vehicle, allowing headquarters personnel to see vehicle locations during emergency calls and long-distance transports across the county’s rural service area.
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East Texas Ambulances Get High Tech Facelift

ABC 7 – Tyler, TX
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PTAR Goes Wireless

News 14 Carolina’s Becky Bereiter has more on a big investment that can help save lives.
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Cetronia Ambulance

Watch Crystal Fisher from PBS39 as she rides with Cetronia Ambulance.
See how In Motion’s onBoard Mobile Gateway is helping EMS improve response times and patient care.


Richmond Ambulance Authority

See how Richmond Ambulance Authority has reduced response times and improved their operations using In Motion Technology.


Medic Mecklenburg EMS

Medic Mecklenburg EMS has used In Motion Technology to improve unit hour availability, and see how the onBoard Mobility Manager helps them proactively manage their mobile communications network.


Puckett EMS

Puckett EMS is using In Motion Technology to transmit electronic patient care records and track ambulance inventories using their inhouse “AmbuTrak”. Find out how they’ve reduced billing cycles from 2-3 weeks to 1 day! Click here to hear more!





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